//Swimming Pool Gates Codes

Swimming Pool Gates Codes

Swimming Pool Gates Codes

Swimming Pool Fencing Codes

These are the basic MINIMUM code standards across the US. You will need to confirm your pool code fencing with code authorities where you live. Also check in with your insurance company as they may have more restrictive requirements.

  • Height 48″

  • Less Than 4″ opening between pickets

  • 2″ Off Grade Max bottom fencing

  • Middle Rail 42″ Clearance (Climbing Rail)

  • Gates open OUT! Away from pool

  • Gates must be self closing

  • Gates must be self latching

  • Gate release latch must be 54″ above outside grade

Drownings are silent killers and most can be prevented by securing the swimming pools.

Pool codes are in place primarily to prevent small children from entering the pool area. Fencing is just one part of a total safety zone to protect small children from dangers of drowning.

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