//TOP 5 Pool Code Fence COSTS

TOP 5 Pool Code Fence COSTS

Top 5 Pool Code Fences for 2018


David BryantHello, I’m David Bryant. Discussing the TOP 5 SWIMMING POOL CODE COMPLIANT FENCING OPTIONS. It only takes seconds for a tragedy, so take the time to protect your family and friends.

Pool season is here! School is out for the summer, it’s getting hot and kids are ready to hit the pool.  With all the fun and excitement of the summer time pools don’t forget a critical safety issue of protective pool code safety fencing!  Studies show that the #1 cause of deaths for children under the age of 4 is drowning.  Most of the drownings and near drownings are by family members and close friends. So protect your family and make your pool fencing code compliant.


Let’s go over the main parts of the pool code for fencing so you will know what to look for in your swimming pool fencing.  First the fencing will have a minimum height of 4′ Knox County (City of Knoxville 5′), pickets are less than 4″ spacing (to keep child’s head from passing thru), and no more than 2″ off the ground. Gates open AWAY from the water, minimum height matching the fence, self closing and self latching, with the release latch minimum of 54″ above outside grade. THAT’s RIGHT! Even though the fence and gate can be 48″ high the release latch is REQUIRED to be 54″ high. How can you do that? Simply using a pool code magnetic latch designed specifically for swimming pool use and safety.

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