Free Knox County Updated PDF of IRC Pool Code Regulations

Here is your free pdf printable IRC Pool Code regulations adopted by Knox County. Always check in with local agencies to confirm any additional updates to the pool regulation requirements.

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Actual 2021 Knox County Pool Code 2018 IRC Southern Fence & Rail Knoxville Fence Company

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Knox County Code – Pool Fence Checklist

This is the summary of general code requirements for Knox County as per published downloadable PDF. Contact Knox County Codes for your specific updated requirements.

Swimming Pool Fence Requirements Summary

  • Minimum fence height 48″
  • 45″ minimum span from bottom rail to next rail
  • Picket spacing less than 4″ sphere pass thru

Swimming Pool Gate
Requirements Summary

  • Gates open outward AWAY from pool area

  • Gates are self closing

  • Gates self latching with release 54″ minimum above outside grade

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Pool Regulations Explained

Fencing is only one of many tools to secure your swimming pool. In legal terms a swimming pool is an attractive nuisance, just like a pretty new swing set in the backyard. It is the homeowner’s responsibility to secure the pool area.

Pool drownings are called the silent killer because once under water there is no sound. Most pool drownings are infants and young children of the pool owners or their guests. So be safe and follow the simple security measures to keep your pool area safe for children.

Fence Height is a “MINIMUM of 48″, with recommended 60” (5 foot high).

Spacing between the pickets is a “MINIMUM” of less than 4″. This is to keep a child from pushing their head through the fence. Once the head goes through then they get inside. This is also the new regulation for stair rail ballusters and handrails on decks.

The 45″ MINIMUM rule from bottom rail to the next rail (middle rail usually) is meant to keep small children from climbing and using the rail as a step. Also known as the climbing rail.

Gates required to open OUT and AWAY from pool area. The thinking behind this is that if a small child could manage to open the gate and fall in the fence area then they are trapped inside. It is much harder to open the gate to the outside and still gain entrance.

Self closing gates are obvious for keeping the gates closed. A local pool inspector gave me an insight years ago concerning pool gates. The hinges need to be set to close a gate that is totally open, AND also tensioned to close a gate that is almost closed. Make sure to check the tension on the pool gates before every season Most are adjustable and replacement self closing adjustable hinges are less than $40 each.

The last one is to make sure the release for the pool gate is set for 54″ off the outside grade. This is meant to keep smaller children from gaining pool access without adult supervision.

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Swim Suit Color Test Results

The results are in! The most highly visible swimsuit colors for your children are neon pink and neon green! see the full article at ALIVE SOLUTIONS

Swimsuit color test


Swimming pool fencing is only one part of securing a swimming pool. The point of swimming pool fencing is to secure the pool from infants and small children the ones most vunerable to drowning.

The fencing for swimming pool code is to secure the pool area from young children with a minimum height of 4′. Gates are the point of entry for most pools (jumping fence) and are required to be self closing and self latching.

Finally, the results are in for the most visible swimsuits underwater, and they are neon pink and neon green. Hopefully you will never need this.