6 Ways to Save on Knoxville Aluminum Fence

David Bryant, founder CEO Southern Fence and Rail

Hi, I’m David Bryant, founder and CEO of Southern Fence and Rail, Knoxville TN and Nashville TN. I started my first fence company in 1981 shortly after graduating from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. Now with my second fence company I am training the next generation of fence builders. Our focus is strong communications, superior quality products and professional installations to give you a great experience on your fencing project.

Everyone loves a deal, and so do we! So when the season cranks up we volume order aluminum fences and gates to get our discounts. It helps us logistically by having the aluminum fence inventory ready to quickly install and we pass the savings on to you. You may find some of these methods to save money will work for you and you may even combine them to increase your savings.

Choose Popular Aluminum Fence Styles in Stock

That’s right, we keep popular aluminum fence styles in stock in season and get discounts on volume orders. It makes sense to order the popular aluminum fences we have in stock if it works for your Knoxville fence project. We keep Lancaster aluminum fencing and gates (black smooth top) and Inverness aluminum fencing and gates (black press point) aluminum fence styles in stock.

Lancaster aluminum fence installation Knoxville TN
Inverness aluminum fencing Knoxville fence company

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Aluminum Fencing Discount Coupons On Website

We love a deal! We purchase directly from Eastern Aluminum Fence Manufacturing who actually makes our aluminum fences and welded gates. So when they make us a great spring stocking deal we take that puppy and run with it, passing the savings on to you our customers so it’s a win win for everyone. Another bonus is these popular aluminum fence styles are here in stock ready to purchase and aluminum fence installation.

When we get a great deal on Eastern Aluminum Fence Manufacturing we like to run a special coupon on our website. Didn’t see the coupon? Ask your Southern Fence and Rail Knoxville sales rep what aluminum fence coupons are available for you and apply to your aluminum fencing project.

Choose Overstocks Aluminum Fence and Gates Overstocks

Oops! It happens, not often, but it does happen. When we order BIG in anticipation of busy months sometimes we order too much, or wrong style, or too many gates. What to do!!? We will end up marking these specific aluminum fence and gates down to clear them out.

Choose Aluminum Fence Markdowns and Rebuilds

Aluminum fence jobs are priced for the linear foot so when we cut down panels to fit the fence line there are normally left overs on each line. Collected up over many fences we will strip them down on a rainy day and rebuild aluminum fence panels known as rebuilds. Really nothing wrong with these panels but they are reduced since they are not “new” but have been rebuilt. We only have a limited supply of these, so if you can use them and not in a hurry we will set aside materials for your aluminum fence installation.

Choose Seasonal Aluminum Fence Winter Special Pricing Event

Here again if you are not in a hurry for your aluminum fences project take advantage of our Aluminum Fence Winter Pricing Special Event. This is an annual October Ornamental Aluminum Fence Sale for January fence installations. That’s right, we will reduce the price on specific aluminum fence projects with contract and deposit in October for scheduled January installation.

Why would we do this? Good business right! It keeps our loyal quality experienced fence installation crews busy in the slower winter months. The crews still get paid the same you get a great discount on your aluminum fencing project. Win Win for everyone. Be aware that there may be delays in January installation due to weather (rain, snow, ice) or sickness so bear with us.

So if you cannot wait for slower winter months this option is not for you.

Choose Mix and Match,
black aluminum fence with black chain link fence in back

Combination pool fencing vinyl privacy ornamental aluminum Southern Fence and Rail your Knoxville fence contractor of choice

Here is a great way to reduce the cost of your aluminum backyard fencing project. Great for pet fencing, children fencing, black swimming pool fencing this method combines two black fences for a reduced price. Put the more expensive ornamental black aluminum fence and gates up front where it can be seen then transition to less expensive black chain link fence for the rest of the fencing. Still gives you a great looking fence, still secures your property, and reduces your total fence project cost.


So there you have it, 6 ways you can actually save money on your Knoxville aluminum fencing installation. Pick the ones that will work for you and let’s go fencing!

Top 4 Aluminum Fence Styles

QUICK LINKS Click on the photo you like to jump to that page. Don’t see what you want here? These are the  most popular styles. We have all the styles available thru Eastern Aluminum Manufacturing.

Lancaster Aluminum Fence

Lancaster Aluminum fence Knoxville fence Company

Inverness Aluminum Fence

Inverness aluminum fencing Knoxville Fence Company

Aberdeen Aluminum Fence

Aberdeen aluminum fence Knoxville fence company

Oldcastle Aluminum Fence

Oldcastle aluminum fence Knoxville Fence company