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Are you looking to purchase a new fence from one of the most trusted fence company in Maryville TN? Great! You are in the right place. Southern Fence and Rail professionally installs superior quality aluminum fencing Eastern Aluminum Manufacturing aluminum fencing and gates.

Security Value Strength

Our goal with aluminum fencing is to complement your home, protect your family and pets and be an almost invisible security addition to your home.

Aluminum Fence Cost Maryville TN most trusted fence contractor Southern Fence and Rail

When someone visits your home they should never notice your aluminum fencing! Visitors first impressions should see your home, the landscaping, and see right through the fence into the backyard. Your aluminum fencing should complement your home and become almost an invisible security to protect your backyard.

Your aluminum fence is there for security not to stand out and be noticed. Still need a little bit of privacy with your aluminum fencing? Many of our homeowners combine privacy landscaping in specific areas for the perfect blend.

4 Basic Styles All the Same Cost!

There are 4 basic styles of residential aluminum fencing, smooth safety bar top rail, press point pickets extending above the top rail, alternating height press point pickets above the top rail, and combination of smooth bar with alternating press point pickets below the top rail. Why are these the same cost? They have about the same amount of aluminum per section whether smooth bar or spear points.

aluminum fence Knoxville best fence company Southern Fence and Rail

The most popular aluminum fences heights are 4′ tall and 5′ tall. While the most popular picket spacing is 15 pickets (3-13/16″ spacing) which also meets pool code. However, for smaller pet containment the most popular picket spacing is 19 pickets (3″ air) which is great for most smaller pets. Your third option is double picket (1-1/2″ air) the tightest spacing.

Tennessee pool code aluminum fence Southern Fence and Rail
Southern Fence and Rail best fence installation company near me

5′ Invernesee aluminum security fence meets swimming pool fence codes for all of Tennessee.

Southern Fence and Rail 5′ aluminum fencing meets ALL of the State of Tennessee swimming pool code requirements and is favored by your insurance company for safe secure pool fencing.

Aluminum Fence Repairs Maryville Tennessee

Black is by far the most popular color and easiest to match up for repairs. Southern Fence and Rail can also repair most aluminum fencing. We have a vast knowledge of the different manufacturers to identify their products. You may be surprised to know that many fence companies only install fence and don’t know how to recognize the other aluminum fence company brands out there. You may have an existing fence and need repairs on a fence no longer available. Well the folks at Southern Fence and Rail have been aluminum fencing in Knox County over 4 decades and we should be able to help you figure it out. So if the young fence guys just want to sell you a new fence instead of repairing it, give the experienced guys at Southern Fence and Rail a call.

Installed Aluminum Fence Cost
maryville Fence Company

The cost of 4′ tall aluminum in these four styles is the same. The cost for 5′ tall aluminum fence in these four fence styles is also the same. Remember that aluminum fence panel cost is determined by the amount of aluminum in the panel. The labor is the same, the concrete is the same so unless you add double pickets or more height they should all be about the same cost.

The exception to this see our article on 6 Ways to Save on Your New Aluminum Fence

For aluminum gate options see the individual fence page and the various gates to go with it. Recommended is normally 2 gates, a point of entry gate ( 3′-4′ wide) and a landscape gate (5′ wide) with a removable access panel.

Aluminum Fence


  • Available in Colors & Styles
  • Manufacturer Lifetime Warranty
  • Southern Fence and Rail exclusive written 2 year labor warranty

  • NO RUST – Baked Enamel Paint
  • Best ROI! Over 65% after 10 years

  • Environmentally Green- recyclable

  • Aluminum Pickets Spacing Options


  • Open Viewing – No Privacy


  • Cost 4′ – $24 -$28

  • Cost 5′ – $26 – $32

Styles: 4 Most Popular

HOA’s & Subdivisions

  • Preferred by most HOAs
  • Clean crisp look complements brick columns

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MOST popular
Lancaster aluminum fencing maryville Tennessee

Lancaster aluminum fence Southern Fence and Rail Knoxville Fence Company

Southern Fence and Rail factory direct aluminum fencing professional installation

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Our Most Popular Aluminum Fence
Lancaster Aluminum Fencing
Maryville aluminum fence company of choice

That’s right! Lancaster is our most popular Knoxville maintenance free aluminum fence. NO PAINTING!

Great for children and pets it has no sharp edges. Eastern Aluminum Manufacturing lifetime product warranty and Southern Fence and Rail exclusive 2 YEAR LABOR WARRANTY.

Lancaster aluminum arch pool gate Southern Fence and Rail Knoxville Tn

Our most popular aluminum fence style. Features smooth top safety rail with no sharp edges. Most popular heights of 4′ tall and 5′ tall. Approved for most HOA’s, and meets Maryville Tn, Blount County TN, Knox County, city of Knoxville, Farragut TN, Blount County pool codes.

Most Popular Aluminum Security Fencing maryville

Inverness aluminum fence Southern Fence and Rail fence installation near me

Inverness aluminum fence features press points also known as spear tops above the top rail. Looks like the popular wrought inron fencing seen in Charleson SC and New Orleans.

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Inverness Aluminum Fence Popular Security Fence

Our most popular aluminum security fence. Press point pickets extend above the top rail for a security fence type.

Knoxville TN aluminum fence company Southern Fence and Rail Knoxville Nashville

Are you looking for security value and strength, Inverness aluminum fencing is your Maryville fence company of choice.

Aberdeen Aluminum Fence Maryville TN

Aberdeen aluminum fence Knoxville best fence company Southern Fence and Rail Knoxville Nashville TN

Southern Fence and Rail your Maryville TN, Blount County fence company of choice

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Aberdeen aluminum Fence
most trusted maryville fence installation Company

Same as the Inverness Security fence except the picket heights alternate above the top rail. Aluminum fence with alternating press point pickets.

Aberdeen aluminum fence Southern Fence and Rail Knoxville fence company of choice

oldcastle aluminum fencing

Oldcastle arch aluminum gates Southern Fence and Rail

Southern Fence and Rail
Best of Best Fence Company Maryville Tennessee

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Oldcastle aluminum Fence

Maryville number one fence company

Combines Lancaster and Inverness styles with smooth bar top and press points below the top rail.

Oldcastle aluminum fencing Southern Fence and Rail your Knoxville fence company of choice

adopts 2018 IRc Code for swimming pools

Knox County TN pool code fence PDF Southern Fence and Rail your Knoxville Fence Company of choice

Southern Fence and Rail building swimming pool fences since 1981. Knoxville Best Pool Fence Company

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Blount County has currently the 2018 IRC adopted for pool codes. This is updated about every few years as needed. Note this is Blount County, Tennessee with fence height requirement 4′, and others such as the City of Knoxville, Tn is 5′ fence height basically the same otherwise.

Aluminum gate safety latch DD Technologies

Many aluminum fence contractors will sell you whatever they can get the cheapest and whatever is available. What makes a standard 4′ aluminum fence swimming pool code compliant? The key here is that the bottom rail to the next higher rail has to be 45″ to be Tennessee code compliant. Notice the two Lancaster examples. Both are 4′ high, both have less than 4″ spacing, the difference is the bottom rail on the left (pool code) is all the way to the bottom. That is considered a non climbing rail (45″ between rails).

Pool Code Aluminum Fencing

Tennessee Pool Code Fencing Knoxville Tennessee Fence Company
Tennessee pool code aluminum fence Southern Fence and Rail

All about Aluminum Gates

Aluminum gates are normally matching the same style as the aluminum fencing. Point of entry gates are often same style but feature an arch to distinguish the gate from the rest of the fence.

Basically there are point of entry gates, landscape gates, double gates (cars), estate gates (large ornate driveway) and access panels (intentionally removable sections).



LANCASTER vinyl picket fence Southern Fence and Rail your Knoxville fence conmpany of choice





Avalon vinyl picket fence Knoxville best vinyl fence installation company

TOP 5 Aluminum Fence Questions & Answers

Here are some of the most popular questions I get about residential horizontal backyard privacy fencing.

Aluminum Fence Cost

Installed Fence Cost Knoxville Fence Company

How much does aluminum fencing cost? Actual breakdown, fence gates, hardware

Picket Spacing

Aluminum Picket Spacing Southern Fence and Rail

What spacing is right for your needs? Spacing normal 4″ air, tighter 3″ air, double picket.

Choosing Fence Height

Knoxville fence company aluminum fencing height best for you Southern Fence and Rail Nashville TN Knoxville Tn

How tall do you need your fence? Fence heights by purposes, pets, children, security…

Aluminum Fence Colors

What are the available colors? Which ones are the most popular? Check out this page for all the info…

Aluminum Fence Warranty

What is the aluminum fence warranty and what does it cover? Manufacturer warranty and Southern Fence & Rail exclusive 2 year installation warranty. Check out this page for all the info…

Southern Fence and Rail
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