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Southern Fence and Rail offers professional aluminum fence installation in Knoxville, Knox County, and surrounding counties. We come prepared to install your aluminum fence, normal installation takes about a day.

The Best Knoxville Aluminum Fence Company

Southern Fence and Rail installs the 4 most popular styles of aluminum fencing Lancaster, Inverness, Aberdeen and Oldcastle. The most popular color for aluminum fencing is black, with bronze and white also available.

Actual Cost of Installed Aluminum Fencing Tennessee

How much does it actually cost to install aluminum fencing in East Tennessee? That is a great question so we address it here on the website. The chart below shows the average fence cost of Aluminum fence, vinyl fence , wood fence and boundary fence.

Also we have broken down aluminum fencing cost in a range for the most common heights of 4′ and 5′.

How much does professionally installed aluminum fencing cost?

Aluminum fencing pro install is priced by the linear foot. Our 4 most popular aluminum fence styles 48″ will cost between $22 to $28 per linear foot.

60″ tall aluminum fencing is slightly higher at $26 to $32 per linear foot

Installed Fence Cost Knoxville Fence Company

Mouse over on the blue/green bars for price highlights. Factored on 200′ linear feet of fencing with two gates. Low price entry level range to high price loaded with options.

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Knoxville Fence Installation Company Aluminum Fencing

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Knoxville Fence Company Most Popular Aluminum Fence Styles

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Aluminum Fence


  • Available in Colors & Styles
  • Manufacturer Lifetime Warranty
  • Southern Fence and Rail exclusive written 2 year labor warranty

  • NO RUST – Baked Enamel Paint
  • Best ROI! Over 65% after 10 years

  • Environmentally Green- recyclable

  • Aluminum Pickets Spacing Options


  • Open Viewing – No Privacy


  • Cost 4′ – $24 -$28

  • Cost 5′ – $26 – $32

Styles: 4 Most Popular

HOA’s & Subdivisions

  • Preferred by most HOAs
  • Clean crisp look complements brick columns

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