Aluminum Gate Styles

Gate Locations

You know you need a backyard fence, where and how many gates do you really need? Best answer is 2 gates. An Aluminum Point of Entry gate for frequent use and a Landscape Gate for larger items like mowers and wheelbarrows. For infrequent use an Aluminum Access Panel is recommended and for frequent use a double gate.

Successful Aluminum Gates

Aluminum gate safety latch DD Technologies

Safety Latch Aluminum Gate

Your aluminum gate is the only moving working part of your fence so don’t cut corners here.

Aluminum gate posts are double thickness of the regular posts for a reason. The hinge side supports the entire gate while the latch side catches the force of banging gate closed. So use double wall thickness for both hinge and latch posts!

Aluminum self closing adjustable hinges are the hinges of choice to make sure your gate closes behind you. Originally used for swimmming pools they are now the standard (keeping Fido safe).

The last part of your gate is the latch. While you can use a simple gravity latch, an adjustable keyed magnetic latch is our choice. These latches have a lifetime manufacturer warranty and even have a built in keyed lock. Lose your key? No worries we keep extra at the shop. Magna Latch by D&D Technologies and Magna-Latch by Nationwide Industries

Point of Entry Gate or Pedestrian Gate

What a great way to accent your backyard! An arched point of entry gate defines the pathway and is the focal point into the backyard.

Aluminum Arched Point of Entry Gate Southern Fence and Rail Knoxville Best Fence Company
Arched aluminum Oldcastle Point of Entry Gate Southern Fence and Rail Knoxville Best Fence Company

Point of Entry gates 3′ wide are easy to use, not too bulky and they gets lots of use.

Aluminum Landscape Gate

Landscape gate is 5′ wide for moving large items thru the fence. It is usually set on the opposite side of the house from the POINT of ENTRY GATE. For most lawn mowing services you will need 4-1/2′ for the mower to access and a 5′ gate opening allows for 3″ clearance on both sides of mower. This gate should match the fence as to not draw attention that it is a gate.

Aluminum landscape gate for large mowers Southern Fence and Rail Knoxville Fence Company

12' Removable Access Panel

In the future you may need to get trucks or equipment into the backyard. How do you accomplish this without tearing up your beautiful aluminum fence? Plan ahead and install a removable access panel. Since aluminum residential fences come in 6' sections so removing 2 sections equals 12' of access, plenty of room for trucks.

How do we make the access panel? Simple, we cut the middle post section off at ground level and bolt in a galvanized pipe to insert back in the ground. What is the cost to you? A piece of scrap pipe and a couple of screws.

How do you know if you have an access panel? You won't know unless you are looking for it. That is the point, it is not visual except for the 2 screws holding the pipe to the post.

When can you install the access panel. Anytime! Just cut the middle post and bolt in the galv pipe.

Why access? Tree removal, pool installation, room addition, new roof, patio construction, major landscaping are just a few reasons.

Double Drive Gates

Aluminum Estate Gates

As the name implies this gate is an impressive vehicle entry gate often used with a remote controlled gate operator. While estate gates come in sizes 8', 10' 12' and up it really depends on what you think will be coming thru the gate.

So for regular cars 10' to 12' is plenty, but for larger trucks and angled entry you may need more clearance.

Aluminum Estate Gate Single Panel Southern Fence and Rail Knoxville Fence Company


I always like to have my customers park their largest vehicle over the proposed fence line and then mark with paint about 2' further out on both sides for good clearance.

Estate gate are large, decorative, and heavy so they require special construction. I like to have large single panel estate gates reinforced with heavy bottom and sides. Check your fence company for specifics.