Professional Installations

Professionally installed by expert craftsmen on your property.

Professional Installations

Professionally installed by expert craftsmen on your property.

Avalon Wood Privacy Fence Professional Construction

Secure your Knoxville TN property with professionally installed Avalon Natural Wood Privacy Fencing

Enhance & Secure Your Home  with Professionally Installed Avalon Wood Privacy Fencing Knoxville TN

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Avalon wood privacy fencing in Knoxville TN is custom built on your property arch fence about 5-½’ at the top of the arch down to about 5’ at the lower point. Decorative custom routed post tops extend at the lower point of Avalon fence to complete the professional construction.

Pre-fabrication wood privacy fence panels can be used, however they will not be contoured to the ground like built on site privacy fencing. We start with 6’ tall fence pickets and set them close to the ground. The ground in Knoxville and Knox county is not level and the individual privacy fence pickets follow the contour ground, the tops of the pickets will end up staggered just like the grade of the yard. You may think your yard is smooth and level until you see the boards lined up. The last step is to mark the arches and give your fence a “haircut trim”. This final professional fence installation step will bring about the desired look of Avalon wood privacy fence, keeping it tight to the ground and beautiful arches across the top.

People look at the top of the fence…pets look at the bottom for places to escape! This is our most popular wood privacy fence for pets.

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    Professionally crafted and installed custom built Avalon wood privacy fencing will enhance your home value while securing your property.

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