Best Fences for Children

What makes the best children’s fences? Height, picket spacing, smooth materials, no sharp edges and self closing self latching gates.

Children’s Fencing

What to consider when your objective is to keep your children safe and secure in the backyard.

Simple enough to fence in the backyard but have you thought it thru? Most of my customers over the last 40 years have put in little thought about where to put the backyard childrens fencing. That is where I come in. 4 decades of residential fencing in Knoxville most homeowners, mothers and fathers will spend time on the deck or patio with their children in the yard playing.

So we want to make sure there are no blind spots, meaning if you are on the patio you have a clear view of the entire fenced in yard.

Children’s Fencing Locations

Children’s Gates

Children’s gates need to be strong, safe and secure. The hardware should be well out of reach of toddlers. We recommend D& D Technologies Magna-Latch to keep out of the reach of toddlers, easy for adults. When thinking of the gates you do not have to limit yourself to the same as the fence. A decorative gate will be a nice accent to your fence and designate the point of entry for your guests.

Children’s Gate Gallery