Double Post hinge side, cannot find a large straight post for your gate? Simply use 2 straight posts and attach them together with 5″ galvanized screws.

Double Concrete the hinge side double post. This is the FOREVER SUPPORT of your privacy gate which can weigh up to 150 pounds so don’t skimp here!

Double Latches (Upper latch is for pedestrian use, and the bottom latch keeps dogs from pushing out)

Triple Heavy Hinges ( hinges on every support rail) Use heavy duty 8″ strap hinges for gates opening out, and heavy duty 8″ T hinges for gates opening into the fence area.

Long Heavy Hinge Bolts ( going thru 1/2″ board, 1-1/2″ rail, 4″ post) Need to replace those 2″ bolts with 5″ bolts going into the post. Replace the hinge lag bolts going thru the 2″x4″s with 2″ bolt and nut