Fences By Objective | Knoxville Fence Company

What is your purpose for installing a residential backyard fence in Knoxville TN? Professional installation insures you a quality fence project. By choosing Knoxville fence company to install fencing to meet your specific needs you will have the right backyard fencing.

Here are the most common reasons for installing professional fencing. Choose which one meets your priorities the best and click the button to research more.

Fencing for Children

These fences are the safest ones. No sharp edges, no large spaces to get heads stuck in, all tall enough to keep your children inside. Most homeowners also want to be able to see all areas of the children’s yard from one vantage point (like a deck or patio). So no visual blind spots for peace of mind.

Fences for Pets

tall enough to keep your specific pet inside and safe also close to the ground to keep them from going under the fence.

Fences for Privacy & Security

Privacy fences that create a blind area in your backyard for a peaceful quiet private area. If all your homes around you are 2 story with decks then a 6′ privacy fence will not accomplish privacy from them.

Security fences are considered fences at least 5′ tall and up that make scaling the fence difficult. Examples of security fences are aluminum fences (press points) tall wood fences, tall vinyl fences, chain link fences (galvanized or vinyl coated chain link)

Fences for Swimming Pools

These fences must meet the minimum BOCO or IRC code requirements. Your community may increase the regulations over and above these requirements. Even if you live in an area without building codes you should follow these basic guidelines for children swimming pool safety. Also check with your homeowners insurance carrier for “their” regulations concerning swimming pools. 

Fences for Boundary Fence Lines

ranch rail, horse fence, split rail fence, Kentucky board fence