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Top 4 Inverness Fence Questions

Black Inverness Aluminum fencing traditional look of old time wrought iron fence without the maintenance. No sanding, brushing, priming and painting on this beautiful aluminum fence.

Inverness features pickets extending thru the top rail at the same height with press point tops or optional Imperial finials. Considered more security fence because of the pointed picket tops. 

Inverness black aluminum fencing is one of our most popular aluminum fence styles. Also available in pool code version at no additional cost.

Does your fence company offer 3 choice for picket spacing? If not, why not? Is this fence for pets? Safety style aluminum fencing is available in 3 aluminum picket spacing options of 3-13/16″(4″) or 3″ or 1-1/2″ picket spacing. Want to know more about picket spacing options for small pets?

Inverness Traditional  Fencing

  • Maintenance Free Aluminum
  • Fence Heights 3′ to 6′
  • No Rust! No Paint!

  • Decorative Pickets Straight Across
  • Press Point or Imperial Finials

  • Picket spacing options

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Inverness Photo Gallery

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Maintenance Free Aluminum Fencing

TOP 4 Aluminum Fence Questions & Answers

Here are some of the most popular questions I get about residential aluminum backyard fencing.

Aluminum Fence Cost

How much does aluminum fencing cost? Actual breakdown, fence gates, hardware

Aluminum fence cost

Aluminum Picket Spacing

What spacing is right for your needs? Normal 4″ spacing, 3″ or double at 1-1/2″…

aluminum picket spacing

Choosing Fence Height

How tall do you need your fence? Fence heights by purposes, pets, children, security…

Aluminum Fence Height

Aluminum Fence Colors

What is the best color for your property? What will match, which is easiest to find…

Aluminum Fence Colors