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Safety is primary concern here. Swimming pools are called the silent killer, because when one falls in there is no sound. Statistics show that most drownings are toddlers and young children under 3 years of age. These children are family members or visiting children that got to the pool unsupervised and it only takes minutes. So what can you do to protect your loved ones? Check out he pool code fencing regulations for a start. Fencing and gates are ONLY one of several security measures to install. Others being pool alarm, door to pool alarm, window to pool alarm.

Knox County IRC Pool Code Regulations

When in doubt, check the actual 2021 pool code regulations adopted by Knox County (2018 IRC code).

Updated for 2021 Knox County Pool Code 2018 IRC Southern Fence & Rail Knoxville Fence Company

Aluminum Pool Safety Fencing

Aluminum Fencing is a manufacturer product. This means no warping, cracking, spliting like wood. Also the aluminum fence cannot rust, and no painting.

Aluminum Pool Safety Fence & Gates Gallery

Vinyl Pool Safety Fencing

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Vinyl Pool Safety Fence & Gates Gallery

Natural Wood Pool Safety Fencing

We don’t recommend wood for pool fencing simply because of the natural characteristic of any and all wood outside in the elements to twist, warp, cup and split. This means gates that are working great today may not latch next week, and that can be a high security risk for you. A simple solution is to substitute an aluminum gate for swimming pool access to secure your pool. If you have a wood gate already installed on your swimming pool fence, it is best to keep it padlocked closed except when you are personally using it.

Natural Wood Pool Safety Fence & Gates Gallery