What Does Your Backyard Fence Really Cost? Top 5 Questions

What is the initial cost of the fencing?

What is the maintenance cost (upkeep) of the fencing?

Realistically, how long will the fencing last (longevity)?

How long will you live there? How long will you need the fence to last?

When you move (sell your house) will your fence add or detract from the sale of your property? (Return on investment).

Initial Cost of Backyard Fencing Knoxville TN

How much does a professional installed backyard fence cost in Knoxville TN? For this Knoxville Fence Company infographic I am using a typical yard of 225′ with 2 gates. With so many options available I give a range of high and low, with most of our customers being somewhat in the middle.

2021 infographic Backyard Fence Prices professionally installed Knoxville Fence Company Southern Fence and Rail


Backyard fencing is a large ticket item, so by considering all the costs over the lifetime of YOUR usage and then the recovery of part of your cost when you sell your property you will have a definitive cost to you.